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Our clients are happy that we are honest with them as to what their car servicing needs are, we often get vehicles brought into the workshop with miss diagnoses and when the clients find out that the car only needed a small repair they are very grateful.

A recent client had her RX8 towed in from a Mazda dealer after it was diagnosed in need of an engine replacement, after we plugged our scan tool in and found the cranking speed was too slow we change the starter motor and a coil pack saving her over ten thousand dollars she was very grateful.
People are also surprised how cheap are log book services are compared to the dealers Sabrina was paying $700 for a log book car service from the dealer. When we gave Sabrina her first bill for her log book car service and it was a little over $200 she was very happy.

So for your next log book car service bring it to Viva Auto Repairs the mechanics you can trust

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