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Viva Auto Repairs RAA Now an Approved Mechanical Auto Repair Shop

After applying to the RAA to become one of its approved mechanical repair shops, Viva Auto Repairs at 127 Richmond Road Richmond is proud to announce that it passed the application with flying colours. The RAA comprehensive check list to qualify as an approved repairer was an easy pass for Viva. Marque Le Maistre, service manager at Viva Auto Repairs, said that Viva worked hard to tick all the boxes required to fit the RAA’s strict policies. So when we applied for an accreditation, there would be no hesitation on the RAA’s part to get Viva on board.


Marque went on to say that when the RAA interviewed the 50 people he had to put forward as references, Viva passed with flying colours in all categories apart from one thing: the lack of coffee and tea facilities at the waiting area. Since then, Viva has installed coffee and tea facilities. We were happy to receive feedback about customers wanting to have a drink while waiting for their pride and joy to be serviced or repaired.

We do get a lot of people who sit in the reception area and wait for their cars to be serviced. Thats the difference with us. We offer fast and efficient car services. If you book you car in to be done and want to wait, we will put your car on the hoist straight away and service while you wait. Alternatively, you can catch the express bus located directly in front of our building into the city and do some shopping.

At Viva Auto Repairs, Marque sees many cars towed into our yard from the RAA and we give them priority inspections to give the clients a fixed price for the repairs and get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. If its a simple problem, we will get the vehicle going within a few hours and you will be back on the road in no time. If it is a bigger problem, then your car will be prioritized as an RAA member to be repaired as quickly as possible. Viva Auto Repairs has a goal to give RAA Members the service and quality repairs that they would expect from an RAA repair workshop. So feel confident that when you drop your car off for a major repair or a general service, Viva Autos will deliver what you expect.

So if you need your brakes repaired, log book service, cooling system checked, an engine replacement on a rotary, or just a new set of wiper blades, then drop in to Viva Auto Repairs and see Marque Le Maistre. Experience what its like to deal with mechanics who give great car services with over 140 years of knowledge among the boys.

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