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Viva Auto Repairs: MX5 SE Turbo Performance Upgrade

Viva Auto Repairs, one of the country’s leading auto servicing companies, have just upgraded this 2004 Mazda MX5 SE turbo with a cold air intake and inter cooler upgrade. Together with a new stainless steel 2.5″ exhaust and high flow catalytic converter and a new plumb back blow off valve, the new specifications have seen an increase of useable power of over 20kw. By retaining the standard engine management and with no increase in boost pressure, the legendary reliability of the MX5 has not been compromised and the car is even more fun to drive, making the owner quite ecstatic.


With all these parts available “off the shelf,” all the research and development has been tried and tested, making the upgrade and car servicing a true value for money performance boost, as well as making the engine bay look less cluttered with the replacement of some of the cumbersome original intake plumbing with simple polished metal piping.

We started the process with the removal of this original pipe work, the air filter assembly, the original blow off valve, the front bumper bar, and original miniscule inter cooler before the new parts could be fitted. As part of the upgrade and auto servicing process, a new steel intake elbow was connected to the throttle body, replacing the rubber elbow originally fitted. The new blow off valve was fitted directly to this elbow close to the throttle butterfly. The rubber intake hose to the turbo was also replaced with a steel tube and this is the point that the blow off valve was plumbed back to. The new air filter with its heat shield was then fitted directly to this short pipe, greatly reducing the path the intake air needs to travel from the airflow meter to the turbo. More steel piping was fitted to direct the boosted air from the turbo into the new inter cooler which was mounted to the original mounting brackets behind the front bumper bar.

The car was then reassembled, started, and the system was checked for leaks and security. The only thing left was to deliver the car to our exhaust fabricator for the custom built exhaust to be manufactured and fitted to the car. After the upgrading and auto servicing process, a road test to check that all was right before we presented the finished product to a very happy customer, who reported back the next day that the performance boost certainly far exceeded his expectations and he was looking forward to his next day off so that he could take it for a blast through the local hills.

Because we are committed to providing our clients with quality auto servicing and car repairs, Viva Auto Repairs take pride in sourcing the right car parts for your needs and apply this same passion in all our automotive repairs.

Authored by: Keith Rogers

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