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Viva Auto Repairs service manager Marque spends many weekends each year competing in and officiating at entry level motorsport. He has found this to be a great way to not only wind down and enjoy himself, but it helps to attest to the quality of the automotive repairs and car servicing that Viva Auto Repairs provides. Marque has entered his near standard 1996 Mazda MX5 in every modern vehicle hillclimb held at Collingrove Hillclimb complex in the Barossa Valley with great success, having won his class in both the Wintercup series and the South Australian Hillclimb Championship every year that he has competed. An Australian Championship in his class has topped off a short but rewarding career at this stage. The Collingrove track is 750metres in length and is a 3.3 metre wide piece of bitumen that winds up a steep gradient. From a standing start you power up to a slight right hand kink before a hard 90 degree left turn and on to the “wall” which is a sweeping 180 degree bend. A short straight and a dab of the brakes before flinging the car into a quick series of tight left right left corners. Power out of those to another kink and over the finish line. In the MX5 this all takes just over 36 seconds and is a great adrenalin rush, but imagine the loads and strains that are put on the car as it gets flung around the track. There is no better test for our clutch repairs than holding the engine at 4500RPM and then just dropping the clutch at the start line.

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The acceleration needed proves that the tune up has been set to achieve peak performance and the suspension is adjusted to give the optimal transfer of the power through the tyres to track. The other form of motorsport that Marque competes in is Supersprints held at Mallala Motorsport Park. These are multi car events where up to 24 cars of approximately the same power compete against the clock to try and achieve fast but consistent times. Overtaking is not allowed under brakes and must be done on acceleration only. This is due to the fact that most of the cars are in fact normal road cars and are not required to have the expensive and restrictive safety equipment like roll cages and harnesses that are mandatory in race cars. With the late braking needed on the circuit, any short fall in our brake repairs could result in disaster very quickly, and car set up as well as reliability ensures both speed and consistency. In over 80 events in the last 5 years the only mechanical failure on the MX5 has been a broken front shock absorber after hitting a large pothole on the side of the track at Collingrove.

So if you want your car servicing and auto repairs done by a team of experienced professionals that make sure it is done right using quality spare parts, come and see Marque at Viva Auto Repairs.

Authored by: Keith Rogers

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