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Why Viva Auto Repairs Is the Best Auto Servicing Company for You

When it comes to getting auto servicing, experts always encourage car owners to go to reliable, reputable, and competent companies. By enlisting the services of certified experts, notonly can you get great value for your money, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your precious car is in good hands. So if your car needs repairs or maintenance service, youshould make it a point to hire only the best in the automotive repair and maintenance business.

auto servicing

In South Australia, there are two names that dominate the auto servicing scene: Viva Auto Repairs and Auto Masters. If you cant decide which repair company you should trust, heres a quick comparison between the two repair companies to help you identify which of the two you should entrust your car to.

Comparison No 1. Viva Auto Repairs is a repair company certified by the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia or RAA. Auto Masters, on the other hand, have yet to receive this certification. But why exactly an RAA certification is important? For those who didnt know, an RAA certification is an indication that the repair company is committed to providing quality workmanship, maintaining a fair pricing policy, and following the RAA Code of Practice. If youre from SA, youd surely want to leave your car in the hands of someone trusted by the local industry watchdog.


Comparison No 2. Folks at Viva Auto Repairs go all out when it comes to providing customers with car repairs. Aside from their minor car services, they also provide manufacturer logbook serving, wherein the manufacturers specifications are followed and correct spare parts are used to maintain your new car warranty. They also reset service reminder lights and affix a reminder sticker to your windscreen. And to make sure that you dont forget about the things you needto do for your car, Viva Auto Repairs will send you a service remained by mail or SMS.

In comparison, Auto Masters do not provide logbook servicing. It is also unclear if they provide their customers with service reminders to ensure that their respective vehicles will be serviced on schedule. Comparison No 3. Viva Auto Services has the necessary licence to service and re-gas automotive air conditioning. They also have the equipment to find any leaks or faults in the system. While Auto Masters offer the same type of auto repair services, they fail to mention if they are licenced to repair car air conditioners.

If you want to get quality services, you should consider opting for Viva Auto Repairs. Being acertified RAA repairer and having an excellent track record, you can be sure that youll get quality service and the royal treatment that you deserve.

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