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Viva Auto Repairs: Is Your Car Ready for the Holidays?

Your bags are packed and you’re just counting the days before you and your friends go on the ultimate holiday road trip. With all the things that needs to be taken care of–from the food to the camping gears and your road trip playlist–we often forget to remember to prepare the most important thing that demands to be in its best condition–your car. These few quick checks can help ensure that you and your friends stay out of car trouble and have a fun holiday vacation.

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Fluid check. Examining the oils and brake and steering fluids can avoid unwanted breakdowns caused by stress from the motor. If it’s time to change the oil, do it before you leave and don’t forget to change the filter as well. You’ll appreciate driving longer hours with better fuel economy.

Battery check. Stay charged and ask your auto repair service about battery care to make sure your battery stays strong and clean.


Tire check. While it is almost impossible to avoid road problems that can often lead to a flat tire, you can always check the condition of your tires beforehand and consider if it’s enough to survive the kind of terrain that you might pass through during your road trip. Checking for uneven car tyres and properly inflating all the tires can lessen the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. And remember to check if your spare tyre is in good condition too.

Lights and signal check. Make sure all the lights and signals are functioning well and are not losing brightness. You might want to consider carrying extra bulbs for longer road trips to ensure the visibility you need, especially when passing by roads that have no street lights.

Brake check. A very obvious process that you can’t miss. Inspect your brake pads to make sure they are in their perfect condition.

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Cooling system check. If you’re driving across Australia this holiday season, you don’t want to feel confined in an oven.

For the ultimate convenience, schedule a checkup at the nearest auto servicing in your neighborhood. A thorough inspection by a professional auto repair service can save you time and effort and guarantees you more accurate diagnosis to your car situation. Have them check the nooks and crannies of your car and let them replace some parts as needed. These basic car maintenance procedures should never be skipped so your car stays running and reliable on the road.

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