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Why Should you Use ULX110 Oil in your Vehicle?

ULX110 oil is the highest quality petroleum based oil you can buy. This is due to it being produced from top quality solvent neutral stock. Add to this a custom blend of friction modifiers and EP additives, not found in commercially produced engine oil, and you have the best there is. These special additives reduce friction and oil temperature without lowering the oil viscosity, which results in higher oil pressure and lower temperature at high RPM or in extreme applications. Ulx110 also resists dilution from fuels including ethanol. ULX110 comes in 10 grades for petrol and LPG vehicles as well as 2 grades for diesel powered vehicles. The Euro diesel is safe to use in vehicles where particulate filters are fitted. There are also 2 grades of ULX10 gear oil available, which will provide smoother shifting and quieter operation.


As the use of synthetic oils is increasing, engine re builders are reporting some major downfalls creating more wear and even premature terminal engine failures in vehicles using synthetic oils. This is caused by 2 aspects with synthetics, being firstly the poor wiping of the oil as pistons move up and down in the bores. This produces a larger build up of oil on top of the pistons, and this is where the second issue comes into play. As synthetic oils don’t burn as efficiently as mineral oil, this extra oil turns to high carbon deposits, creating higher compression to the point that engines are detonating and destroying themselves. Competition engines require getting as much horsepower as possible, and this has seen the development of thinner viscosity oils, that have then been adopted by many car manufacturers to increase power and reduce fuel consumption. Unfortunately this has also seen an increase in engine wear and the frequency of oil leaks as the oil gets thinner. ULX110, due to its additive package, delivers the same power gains as seen with premium synthetic oils, but without the need to sacrifice engine protection at the same time.

Commercial motor oils are massed produced to create as much finished product as quickly as possible, and usually at a low initial market price. This means that they are often made from lower quality base stock, sometimes asphalt based, and the refining process are not only faster and cheaper, but they tend to remove many of the good properties as well as the bad from the stock. ULX110 oil goes through 3-4 times as many processes as commercial grade oils, producing a far superior product, to protect your vehicle.

Ask yourself, if you value your vehicle enough to want to give it the best protection, while maximizing its performance and economy. Viva auto repairs can not only use ULX110 oil when we service your car, but we sell the full range over the counter if you want to change your own oil or just top it up.

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