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Viva Auto Repairs, which specialises in reliable and quality car servicing, is also a ULX110 oil dealer. This oil is a South Australian made custom blended oil produced only from paraffin based crude oils that go through 3-4 times more refining processes than production oils. This produces an engine oil that provides reduced friction while maintaining oil viscosity. This will mean your engine will benefit from higher oil pressure, and lower oil temperature at high RPM and severe service applications, resulting in much longer engine life while giving you more power using less fuel. Because ULX110 helps protect your engine, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money and get frequent auto repairs.


Being a mineral oil, means that ULX110 oils don’t create the problems that are rearing themselves in synthetic oils as the increased usage of these products is highlighting. Because synthetic oils don’t burn as easily as mineral oils, engine rebuilders are reporting more engine failures due to detonation caused by carbon build up on top of pistons. For many car owners, this causes their car servicing expenses to pile up.

After dozens of independent dyno tests performed in Australia and the US, ULX110 oil has never been beaten by any commercially available motor oil in today’s market in horsepower output, torque, drain interval and fuel economy. So with better protection, more power and an average of 6.9% saving on fuel economy, along with extended oil change intervals, why wouldn’t you change to the best oil on the market? If you are serious about protecting your engine, it’s time for you to get an oil change. ULX110 should be your new engine oil. Get some liquid horse power for your car.


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