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An often neglected, but extremely important item on your car is the tyres. With only 4 very small areas in contact with the road, your tyres are placed under extreme loads as they transfer up to 2 tonnes of a fast moving vehicle as it accelerates, brakes and changes direction on an ever changing surface. You then add rain, hail, snow, dust and oil to this surface, and you can see what we are requiring these simple rings of rubber to do. For this reason you need to visit an automotive specialist, to make sure your tyres are up to the task. Different driving styles, or environments will require different features on the tyre you should choose. Manufacturers fit tyres to their vehicles that are a size and style to suit most situations, and are usually made to give long life.

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The life of a tyre is very susceptible to many issues including the compound of rubber that is used in its construction. The harder the rubber, the longer the life of the tyre but the grip is less than a softer tyre that may last a considerable shorter distance. Tread design is another factor that needs to be considered. For the best road holding ability on a dry smooth bitumen surface, a completely smooth (slick) tyre is the ultimate, but as soon as there is any contamination to the road surface these tyres become dangerous as they lose contact with the surface. For that reason general purpose tyres are created with tread which is designed to pump any water, or other contaminants from between the tyre and the road surface.

The design of this tread varies greatly depending on the contaminants that are expected to be most likely encountered. Mud, snow ice and sand requires a much coarser and more pronounced tread pattern than a tyre that is expected to mainly have to deal with rain. As you can imagine the depth of the tread needs to be deep enough that there is room for it to do the job intended and tyre manufacturers will build wear indicators into the tread pattern to show when the tyre needs to be replaced. This tread depth should ideally be even across the surface of the tyre throughout its life and if one part of the tread is lower than the recommended depth the safety of the tyre is greatly compromised. To maintain this even wear your vehicle should have regular wheel alignments to ensure all the wheels are pointed to the best angle to suit the vehicle. Correct tyre pressures will also help ensure even wear and longer life of your tyre. So make sure you visit a tyre expert in Adelaide to discuss the best option for tyres for your car.

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