Clutch Replacement

Tips for Car Clutch Replacement

There are three important things you need to step on whenever you are driving: the gas, the clutch and the brake. Out of all of these parts, the clutch plays a vital role since you have to step on it before you navigate. But what if your clutch gets broken? Do you have to ask for an auto servicing to check and repair your car or do you have to repair it yourself? Most people would advise that you should get a professional help. However, if the damage is manageable, then you can do the clutch repairs yourself. But before you do that, here are some of the things that you need to do if you want to replace the clutch.

Clutch Replacement

Lubricate at the Right Places

Apply a light coat of oil to the pilot tip of the input shaft, as well as to the collar where the release bearing starts. Applying a light coat of grease will prevent rust, but you must be cautious as it tends to smear on the flywheel, clutch disc or pressure plate if not applied carefully.

Resurface the Flywheel

No matter how good it looks, you need to resurface the flywheel to prevent you from having the transmission removed again due to the chattering clutch. Though it would cost a fortune, it would save your money in the long run.

Replace the Pilot Bearing or Bushing

It’s easy to remove the pilot bearing if you have a puller in your hands. But if you don’t have it, you need to read some service manuals. These books will give you tips on removing the pull bearing without the use of the mentioned tool.

Don’t Force Anything

When we get injured, we often hear that we should not force ourselves as it might lead to serious problems. The same thing goes with the clutch replacement. If the transmission won’t slide up to the bellhousing, there is a chance that the clutch disc is not in the right position or the transmission is at an angled point. In that case, you need to install or reattach the clutch linkage. Ask a helping hand who will depress the clutch pedal as you shake the transmission to reposition it. When the clutch disc is free, you can realign the transmission with the pilot bearing.

clutch repairs

A clutch is an essential part of a vehicle. Without it, you can’t change your navigation with ease. Thus, you need to replace it immediately if it’s broken to avoid accidents in the future.

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