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The All-New Mazda MX5 Will Be Released Next Week


Sydney, AUFinally! The long wait is over. Next week, Mazda will release their latest sports carthe Mazda MX5. But before you grab this car, lets have a quick overview of this much-awaited vehicle.

All about MX-5

This vehicle is not an ordinary sports car. Most sports cars you see are a bit huge, but this one is not. It is lighter, lower and perfectly balanced, which gives you a whole new experience once you drive it on the road.

The MX-5 is enhanced with Skyactiv technology. This system offers a more relaxed driving experience because of its breathtaking reflexes, making it easier to navigate. Aside from that, there are other features that you will surely enjoy. Some of the features include LED lights, soft-top glides, wheels and many more.

The LED headlights produce powerful and high-quality lights that help you see the road during night time. With these headlights, you can see easily if something or someone is passing in front of you while you are on the road. This feature helps to minimize the occurrence of accidents on the road.

Another great feature of this car is the soft-top glides. They are lighter than other glides. Regardless of its weight, you are rest assured that the glides are durable since they are made of robust materials. Thus, you dont need to worry about how long you can use the glides.

Last are the wheels. The wheels are made of alloy and each wheel has eight spokes that stretch from the centre to maintain balance and strength. The wheels also have gunmetal to give a sporty look. Aside from gunmetal and alloy, the wheels also have silver that gives classic sports car sophistication.

There are other features that you can get from this luxury car. But the most popular feature of this car is the MZD Connect Pack. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display with the internet radio integration, a multi-function remote control and satellite navigation.

Where Can You Get a Test Drive?

There are several logbook servicing companies in Australia that allow you to get a car service. You just need to do your research to find the best dealer that offers this amazing sports car. With the MX-5, you will surely enjoy your ride. So, what are you waiting for? Get this latest car offer from Mazda and have fun riding and driving this car!

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