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How to Tell Whether Your Car Needs a Car Tune up

Car tune-up intervals differs from one car to another. Most of the older cars with non-electronic ignitions should be tune every 10,00o to 12,000 miles, or yearly, whichever comes first. Newer vehicles whose ignitions are electronic and have fuel injection systems are scheduled to go from 25,000 miles up to 100,000 miles without a need for a major auto servicing for a tune-up.

car tune up

You need to refer to your car owners manual for the recommended intervals of tune-up, but you should be aware that even if the manual says your car doesnt require regular scheduled tune-ups very often, it is recommended that you periodically check your car to ensure that it is working at its maximum efficiency. If you are doing a lot of stop and go driving or pull heavy loads like a camper boat, your may need to have your ignition system tuned-up often. Here are few signs that will tel you that your cars electronic ignition system need to be tuned or adjusted:

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  • Your car stall a lot: This may be caused by your spark plugs being fouled or worn. The gap in your spark plug electrodes may need to be adjusted, or your electonic sensng device needs adjustment. If you are having difficulties identifying why your car is stalling, you can help your car service technician diagnose the problem by paying close attention on whether the engine stalls whilst its hot or cold or when the air conditioner is on.
  • The engine is roughly running when idling or accelerating: When this happens, chances are your car needs a tune-up.
  • The vehicle is hard to start: This problem may be from the starting system, like a weak battery, for example. This can also come from the fuel system, like a weak fuel pump. This can also come from the ignition system, or due to a faulty electronic component, like the electronic control unit (ECU).
  • Bad mileage: If your car is using more fuel than normal, then this is an indication of poor mileage. This means that your car needs a Richmond auto service and tune-up.
  • Brakes are faulty: If your brake pedals feel wea, then this is a sign that your vehicle needs a tune-up immediately. You should also note if your brakes screeches or vibrates when you press it down on the brake pedal.

Knowing these signs can help you save a lot in terns of tuning-up your car. It also ensures you and your cars safety.

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