McLaren-viva auto repair

Take a Moment from Your Clutch Repair and Check Out McLaren’s New Concept Car

Are you an avid fan of cars or F1 racing? If you are, make sure you check out the latest news about McLaren and its design grandmaster after taking your car out for a clutch repair. Reports have it that Gordon Murray, McLaren’s design grandmaster, is building a concept city car that is a “total rethink” of his revolutionary 2010 T25 concept car.

McLaren-viva auto repair

According to folks at Top Gear, Murray has teamed up with Shell and engine specialists Geo Technology to design and build the project. Codenamed “Project M,” the car is not intended for production. Instead, it is designed to help motoring experts determine how a lightweight, petrol-engined small car could work in the future, particularly in 2050, when it is estimated that up to three quarters of the world’s population will live in congested cities.

Although McLaren didn’t provide more details about the concept car, it was revealed that the project will be a ground-up re-think of the pod-like T25. According to Top Gear, Shell will be in-charge of the car’s “fluidy bits,” while Murray will handle the overall design of the car. Geo Tech, on the other hand, is tasked to figure out how they can fit a tiny combustion engine to the three-seater, rear-engined car.

Top Gear also reported that the concept car will still use Murray’s patented “iStream” manufacturing. This technology is designed to help car makers “escape the inflexibility of modern monocoque construction and its massive up-front costs, moving to a system of simple steel spaceframes wrapped in recycled, composite monocoque panels.” If implemented, such a technology can be a huge help to car owners as they can prevent expensive brake repairs and other kinds of auto repairs.

Murray was the man behind revolutionary F1 cars from the 70s and 80s. He is also responsible for creating and designing the McLaren-Mercedes SLR, LCC Rocket, and the McLaren F1. He also collaborated with Osamu Goto and Shell in the past to develop the McLaren-Honda MP4/4F1 car that won 15 of 16 races in 1988 for Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Considering Murray’s reputation, Top Gear said they can expect only great things for his new project, which is expected to be unveiled as a concept only later this November.

If Project M becomes more than a concept car, auto servicing experts will definitely have a great time marvelling and discovering this car’s every nook and cranny. Experts also believe that it has the potential to change the global city car game.

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