car spa-auto repair

Company to Provide Car Owners with Spa Treatments While Giving Them Auto and Clutch Repair Services

How would you like to get a facial while mechanics provide your car with clutch repair? It seems that in the near future, Australian car owners can get a spa treatment while waiting for their vehicles to get fixed. According to reports, a Singaporean conglomerate has recently announced its plans to build a chain of luxury car spas in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The Singapore-based Shi Paradise Resorts said it will build luxury car that will reinvent the entire car repair process. Claude Voiture, the companys managing director, said they will offer a holistic repair service that fixes not only the damages to the car, but also to the driver.

car spa-auto repair

Aside from traditional paint, panel, and auto repair services, car owners can ask for a Feng Shui treatment to be applied to their vehicle to help avoid accidents in the future. Once they check their car in for repairs, they can have the option to get a Reiki healing session to release any negativity or trauma from the accident, according to the company. The customers can also get beauty treatment or a deep tissue massage while waiting for their car to get fixed.

Our aim is that once a customer has had their car repaired here they will come back regularly to enjoy a half day at our Spa while their car is enjoying its own beauty treatments, Voiture said.

While such services indeed appear unique and interesting to a number of car owners, it certainly raises concerns about the possible cost of these luxury car spa treatments.  With the special services that come with the car repairs, anyone can tell you that these automotive services wont come cheap once they hit Australian shores. Although there might be consumers who are willing to part with their hard-earned cash to avail themselves of these automotive services, you cannot say the exact same thing about the members of the general public.

If you want to avoid spending your money on services you dont need, it is still better to enlist the services of a good auto shop in your area. For the fraction of the cost of getting luxury car spa treatment, you can get quality repair services for your precious car. In addition, you can purchase new and top quality car spare parts for your vehicle. So before you let yourself be blown away by the novelty of getting a spa treatment for you and your car, you should be practical and make giving your car the repair services it needs your priority.

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