Problems arrising with the Ssangyong Musso

Why has my Ssangyong Musso stopped working?

By looking on the internet, it appears that the 3.2 litre petrol powered Ssangyong Musso seems to have a quite common problem of intermittent non starting, and lack of power at times. Viva Auto Repairs at Richmond had a 1999 model Musso towed in to the workshop recently, that had been inspected and supposedly repaired by several different workshops in the northern suburbs. Once at our workshop, we charged the battery and were able to start and road test it. On the road it drove quite well although did not seem to have the power expected. Once we got it back into the workshop and switched it off, it would not start again until it had cooled down. With further testing, we found that it had good spark and compression, but both the fuel pressure & flow was below the manufacturers specifications. A new fuel pump was ordered and the old pump removed. As we were removing the pump from the pick up assembly, we noticed a fine crack in the plastic pipe of the fuel pump & gauge module. Further investigation & testing showed the fuel pump was delivering the correct pressure & flow, but the fuel was leaking through this crack inside the tank. This resulted in the low readings that we found on our original

diagnosis. Instead of replacing the fuel pump, a new tank module was purchased and fitted. The power in the vehicle is now as expected and 6 months later the vehicle has started immediately every time. With over 120 years experience in the industry between them, the 3 qualified mechanics at Viva Auto Repairs pride themselves on being able to diagnose just about any problem that may arise in any make & model car.