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New Toyota Camry Gets Facelift, Better Log book Servicing

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Toyota has introduced a new version of the Camry and it is offering log book servicing within four years after buying the car or achieving 75,000 kilometres gas mileage (whichever comes first). The new Camry, which went on sale early this month, comes with new features that will certainly delight longtime fans.

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New Camry Features

Toyota has surely done great work on the new Camry. For instance, the Atara SX variety now has built-in satellite navigation and expanded Toyota Link connected mobility that you can operate through a larger seven inch in-dash screen. It also comes with a JBL audio system and digital (DAB+) radio. Don’t want the harsh rays of the sun to dampen your mood? Don’t fret because the Atara SX now has a convenient power sunshade for the back windscreen.

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The Japanese car maker also stepped up the safety and maneuvrability of the car. The Camry Atara SX has its own reversing camera with superimposed predictive guidelines. The predictive guidelines move as the driver turns the steering wheel for better manoeuvrability.

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Apart from this, all of the new Camrys, starting with the Altise, now have ISOFIC mounting points in the rear seats. Many auto repair experts would also be surprised to find out that the Camry’s petrol and petrol-electric engines have been certified to Euro 5. However, while this is indeed a significant improvement on Toyota’s part, many of the Japanese car maker’s competitors are introducing new cars with Euro 6 engines. In addition to the engine upgrade, all Atara models sport front and rear corner parking sensors.

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If you’re the type of person who frequently leaves his or her mobile charger behind, this won’t be a problem anymore if you buy the Atara SL. The car, which is at the top of the range, features a wireless phone charger. However, reports said that this feature doesn’t work with all phones and you may need to get an upgrade to benefit from it.

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More Improvement to be Expected

Meanwhile, Tony Cramb, the executive director of sales and marketing at Toyota Australia, said the latest upgrades to the Camry demonstrated the companys commitment to continuous improvement and the long-term future” of this particular range. He added that they will continue to further improve the features of the Camry with advances in technology, safety, comfort and convenience to prevent expensive car repairs and ensure that it will remain one of Australia’s favourite cars.


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