radiators - Do You Need a Cheap Radiator?

Do You Need a Cheap Radiator?

Viva Auto Repairs can now supply Radiators for all types of motor vehicles. Our radiators are the same ones you get at Repco or Sprint Auto parts, but they are much cheaper and more economical. We have a wide range of radiators to suit cars made by Holden, Ford, Toyota, and Mitsubishi starting at $145 including GST. We can supply hard-to-get cooling systems and specialised coolants to suit any type of vehicle. So if your radiator or cooling system is leaking, we can provide you with the car parts you need so you can fix it yourself or you can drop in and we will fit it for you.

Take note that cars rely on the engine running at the correct temperature. If your car is running hot due to a blocked radiator or coolant that is not doing its job, then your performance will be compromised and you run a risk of damaging your engine.


Having a new radiator is important to the engine. Radiators keep the engine cool and allow the latter to run at the correct temperature. Having the right coolant is important, too. The wrong coolant can cause clogging, corrosion, and even failure of the entire cooling system. If you dont have any of the correct coolant, water is your next best option. If you are unsure then just give Viva Auto Repairs a call and we would love to advise you on what is best for your car.

Some cars need special coolants that are only available from the manufacturer, but these are generally rare and most car owners have access only to the generic brands, which are considerably cheaper. You should check your cooling system regularly when the engine is cold. You can do this by inspecting the overflow bottle under the bonnet. If you are not too sure of what you should be doing, then you can drop by at Viva Auto Repairs at 127 Richmond Rd Richmond and we will do it for you and teach you how to do it for yourself, free of charge.

So when you need a new radiator, either supplied or fitted, and other essential spare parts for your car, think Viva Auto Repairs next time and save yourself some money. We also offer intercooler for your race car or your street machine and Viva Auto Repairs can fit it to any type of vehicle.

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