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Mercedes-Benz Calls for Better Auto Repair and Car Servicing Standards

Implement Better Car Servicing Standards

Car manufacturers and industry leaders have called on to the government to implement better car servicing standards. Mercedes-Benz Australia has renewed its call for sweeping compliance changes on repair standards for insurance companies and their affiliate car repair shops. The automaker said existing standards are putting people’s lives at risk, which is why they need to be revamped and overhauled.

The renewed calls for action came as local government officials in New South Wales are having a parliamentary inquiry over reports that some insurers and their designated repair shops are “cutting corners” by using non-genuine parts when repairing vehicles. The committee handling the inquiry is due to submit the final report by the end of this month. Mercedes-Benz Australia pointed out that such practices will be eliminated by kicking up the country’s auto servicing standards a notch.


“The use of non-genuine parts and the way that they are fitted is the greatest threat to road safety and road trauma that we as a community face. Insurance companies in Australia, the overwhelming majority of them, are fitting parts to cars that are counterfeit and deficient, and they are compromising the integrity of the safety systems,” said David McCarthy, corporate communications manager at Mercedes-Benz Australia. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries and other manufactures backed the car maker’s proposal for better car servicing and repair standards.

Despite its good intentions to improve the auto servicing and repair standards in the country, Mercedes-Benz has been criticised for its complaints. According to critics, the car maker hasn’t made any comparison testing of non-genuine and genuine parts. The Insurance Council of Australia, on the other hand, has declined to comment on specific cases, pointing out that insurers are not the same and each of them has different models for repairs and spare parts.

But whether the country needs better car repair standards or not, there is still something vehicle owners can do to receive the best car servicing possible and ensure their safety. According to experts, car owners should determine the reputation of the repair shop they will hire. It is because a shop that has good reputation is almost always capable of offering quality services.

In case the insurance company is the one that will directly co-ordinate with the repair shop, it is still important for the car owner to be involved. He (or she) mustn’t just rely on the insurer if he wants his vehicle fixed. It is crucial that he asks the affiliate shop with intelligent questions to ensure that he will receive excellent car servicing and auto repairs.

Authored by: Keith Rogers

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