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Mazda Starts 2016 with a Bang|Mazda MX5

Fans of the Mazda rotary engine definitely showed their strong support for the car maker as Mazda opened up the year 2016 with a bang. According to VFACTs figures released just recently, Mazda Australia posted a record of 10,016 sales just this January. This marks the first time the car maker sold more than 10,000 cars, SUVs, and utility vehicles in Australia for the first month of the year.

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According to Mazda Australia, this milestone surpassed their previous record of 9,411 sales in 2014. Data also showed that the company enjoyed an 11.2% increase on year on year sales, earning Mazda the position of being the nation’s second best-selling car maker in January 2016. Mazda Australia previously held this position at the end of 2015 after selling and all-time high of 114,024 vehicles.


January 2016 also marked the first time the car maker enjoyed a market share of 11.9%, the highest share ever recorded by Mazda. This makes Mazda Australia the country’s leading full-line importer of cars. The company attributed its growing market share with the sales of Mazda3, which sold 3,722 units during the same period. It topped the small car segment with a record 23.5% market share, making the Mazda3 Australia’s most popular vehicle in January. Mazda2 also made a strong start, selling 1,381 units last month. Like Mazda3, Mazda2 is the leader of its segment, being the best-selling light car in Australia.

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As for the car marker’s SUV line, it continues to attract buyers across the country. Mazda CX-5 sold a total of 1,750 units, while the CX-3 sold 1,391 units in January. CX-5 and CX-3 are both in second place in their respective sales segments. CX-9, meanwhile, saw 210 sales last month as buyers are likely holding on to their purses and anticipating the arrival of an all-new model in the middle of 2016.

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Mazda MX5, meanwhile, enjoyed one of its best Januarys ever. It was named 2016 Car of the Year by Wheels magazine. It was the third time that the MX-5, one of Mazda’s most iconic vehicles, has won the very prestigious award. In addition, MX-5 sold 115 units last month, which is its best since 2007.

Martin Benders

Martin Benders, managing director at Mazda Australia, is very happy with the way Mazda cars are performing at the start of the year. He is also quite confident that the car marker will continue to enjoy more success in the coming months.


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