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Mazda Rotary: The Biggest Pitfall of Buying an RX8

You’ll definitely agree with Mildren automotive experts when they said that the Mazda RX8 is a lovely looking car. Its not hard to walk past one and fall in love with its sleek curves, fantastic interior, leather seats, unusual doors, and the feel of a race car when you hop on to the driver’s seat. But is everything as good as it looks? Does it have any problem? Is the car expensive to service or repair? Can anyone work on them or do you need to take them to a dealer?


Overall, the RX8 is a good car. Mazda has a good reputation and I believe that the RX8 stands up and delivers. However, its biggest pitfall is its engine. The RX8 Renesis engine is a short-life engine, but that is also its greatest strength. The engine loves to rev and pulls you along smoothly from start to red line. However, this is also a problem most RX8 owners have and we often see them come to Viva Auto Repairs because their car doesn’t have enough redline action.

The Mazda rotary engine burns oil as part of its design. It has a built-in oil metering pump that lubricates the engine, so it is critical that high quality oil and one that doesn’t leave reside should be used. Carbon will build up on the rotors and housing naturally and poor quality oil will cause this to happen very quickly. This will damage your engine. The rotaries need to rev hard so the engine will run hot enough to keep the engine clean and they do love a de-carbon often throughout its life. So if you are puttering to work each day in your lovely RX8, you might want to either try dragging some old granny off the lights or leaving it in a lower gear and making the engine rev a little harder, especially with the automatics, which would not hurt driving to work in 2nd gear once a week.

According to experts, doing these three things will extend the life of your RX8 Renesis motor:

1. Use quality oil designed for Mazda rotary engines and after talking to Greg Mildren from Mildren Automotive, who is one of Adelaide Rotary experts, he believes that you can do better than Mazda API SL oil and would recommend Amsoil as a better alternative

2. Drive the car like it was designed for. Well, not like an idiot, but get the old girl revving. She will feel good and will like you for it.

3. Take your vehicle to someone who knows rotaries, like Mildren Automotive, and this is where we dont recommend the dealer, there are several good mechanics in Adelaide that can service rotaries. These mechanics will know when to de-carbon the engine and the other little problems these beautiful cars have.

So be happy to buy an RX8, but remember this car has a short life engine so please get a rotary engine specialist to look at the car before you purchase it and you will have years of happy motoring

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