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Maintaining The Warranty Of Your New Car With Log Book Servicing


Most people that buy new cars are convinced or lead to believe that to keep their warranty, the car must be returned to the dealer for all servicing.

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Consumer law in Australia states that providing the services are done by a qualified automotive repairer, using OEM quality parts and oils, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, the manufacturer must honor all warranties.

Viva Auto Repairs

Because Viva Auto repairs only use the highest quality parts, like Ryco filters, NGK spark plugs and Penrite oils & fluids our log book servicing are sure to not only keep your car running like new, but maintain your warranty for peace of mind.

Sometimes aftermarket parts producers can take time developing new parts that meet the manufacturers exact specifications, and in the rare case of this occurring, or if you, the customer would prefer to use genuine parts, we can source and fit genuine parts at no more than you would pay at the dealership.

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We also have up to date test & diagnostic equipment that can check all the systems on any car, and reset your service interval reminder light. Your log book will also be stamped and signed so that all the correct records are kept, to help maintain the resale value, when it is time to move up to a newer car.


We will also provide you with a 50 point check list that will cover many items that may not be included in the list of items checked if only the log book service is followed. These may include things like the percentage of moisture in your brake fluid, tyre tread depth measure at 3 spots across the tyre, and the percentage of brake material that is remaining.

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All this is done by qualified car mechanics, which is often not the case at new car dealerships. Often in these places general services are done by either apprentices, or tradesman assistants, which could mean that potential problem, that an experienced eye would see, may be missed.

The other thing that occasionally occurs at dealerships is that a potential warranty item may be overlooked, particularly if the car is almost out of warranty, and the problem may not become evident before the warranty expires.

Having an honest, independent automotive repairer looking after your new car can give you the confidence and peace of mind that will protect you from un-necessary expense.

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Why not book your car in for Marque and the staff at Viva Auto Repairs to show you what friendly professional service is all about.

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