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Many cars on our roads have an auto LPG system fitted to them, to provide cheaper motoring and help the environment. Auto servicing of these cars is not only more involved than petrol or diesel powered vehicles, but far more critical. Due to the efficiency of LPG being highly influenced by other factors, car tune up and keep the ignition system performing at its peak is critical. Any shortfall in the ignition system will cause backfires which may then lead to explosions in the intake area that can break air cleaner housings, intake pipes or even intake manifolds, especially on late model cars, where plastic manifolds are commonplace these days. As air filters get dirty through performing the task they are designed for, most LPG systems require regular retuning to compensate for the slightly reduced airflow into the engine.

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Viva Auto repairs has mechanics with the expertise to service and tune up auto LPG systems to prevent costly car repairs being needed. Auto LPG tanks are also required to be tested and stamped by approved testing centres every 10 years and Viva Auto Repairs can arrange to have this done with as little inconvenience to you as possible. We can also diagnose any faults in the gas system quickly so that you are back on the road in the shortest possible time.

If you have a car that is powered by auto LPG, come why not give Viva Auto Repairs a chance to give the system a tune up and help reduce your auto servicing costs.

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