Car servicing of new cars that are still under the manufacturers new car warranty does not have to be performed by the vehicle dealership. Any qualified automotive repair shop can do this work without risking the warranty offered by the manufacturer. They must ensure that all items on the scheduled service list are carried out using the correct parts and fluids as per manufacturers specification. An independent service centre is more likely to point out issues that should be repaired under warranty where, unfortunately, sometimes dealerships, will overlook these items hoping that they will go otherwise undetected until after the warranty period ends. This means that Viva Auto Repairs can often maintain your new vehicle at a higher level than the dealership offers.

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At Viva, all work is carried out by qualified Adelaide mechanics with many years of industry experience, rather than the apprentices or unqualified workers that many dealerships tend to use for servicing, so that they can use their qualified mechanics for the more technical work. We will use only quality parts including OEM parts where required and ensure that any oils or other fluids meet the manufacturers requirements. We will also reset any service reminder lights or warnings and fill in and stamp the vehicle log book. Service intervals are noted and reminders will be sent via either mail or electronically a month before the next service is due. We have noticed in recent years that some manufacturers have reduced the number of items checked during services within the warranty period, so that they can offer the low service costs that they need to in order to remain competitive. Many new vehicles are no longer due to have the brake wear, or gearbox & differential oils checked until they have been driven for over 60,000 kilometres.

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Viva Auto repairs will give you peace of mind by doing a comprehensive inspection every time we service your car.

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