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Lithium Battery Vs Other Types of Car Batteries: Which is Better?

As you may know, there are different types of car batteries. But if you’re going to choose something specific, you should consider going for lithium batteries. Let’s take a look at the different types of batteries you can purchase for your car and see how lithium batteries can make a huge difference in the performance of your vehicle.


Wet/flooded battery is one of the most common types of batteries designed for automotive use. It is quite popular because it is one of the cheapest in the market. The battery design uses plates that are freely suspended and are freely insulated from each other. While most car owners are familiar with wet/flooded batteries, these batteries have a known disadvantage. They can be corrosive, especially if not maintained properly. If the electrolyte leaks, it could damage the battery and other car spare parts that come into contact with it.

Another common type of car batteries is the VRLA, which stands for valve regulated lead acid battery. There are two types of VRLA batteries: AGM or GEL. GEL battery uses silicon to make the acid more solid and like a gel. AGM, on the other hand, uses absorbed glass matt. While they are reliable, VRLA batteries have their weaknesses, too. The GEL, in particular, is not the best for a starter battery. They also cannot tolerate overcharging, which could lead to premature failure.

Deep cycle batteries, on the other hand, can provide power for a very long time as they have thicker plates inside them that improve their capacity charge. They are typically used in electric vehicles and on small boats. However, they are not ideal for cars because they have a higher discharge rate. These car spare parts are quite expensive, too.

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And finally, we have lithium car batteries. This particular type of automotive battery is typically fitted in high performance vehicles or limited edition cars. While they can be relatively more expensive than other battery types, they can help car owners save money in the long run. Lithium batteries are much lighter as compared to wet/flooded batteries, allowing them to provide you with a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Lithium car batteries can also store a charger much longer. As compared to VRLA and other types of lead acid batteries, they can withstand charge and discharge cycles better. In addition, the ratio of the maximum safe output current possible to the rated capacity of the battery is much higher in a lithium battery. This means you need less “rated amps” to accomplish the same amount of work. So if you want a battery that can provide you with maximum reliability and help boost your car’s fuel efficiency, lithium batteries are your best bet.

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