Jim Yeates

As the elder statesman at Viva Auto Repairs, Jim brings more experience than just about any mechanic in South Australia. He started his apprenticeship with the Department of Housing in 1962, where he was taught a wide range of techniques in the repair and servicing of all sorts of equipment. During his time there he won the RAA Diamond Jubilee scholarship and the GM Travel Award, which saw him spend 6 months experiencing the production, development and testing at Holden’s Fisherman’s Bend factory and test facilities.

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From here Jim moved on to working for Ford Australia and then to General Electric. It was at the latter of these that Jim gained plenty of experience on diesel powered vehicles and plant. At this time he also was sent to help out in teams at the Bathurst 500, as it was in those days, getting to keep the awesome GTHO Falcons on the track in the most exciting times of Australian motorsport. Jim was also part of a 3 man team that held the record for assembling a Ford Cortina engine from bare to a running engine in just 12 minutes.

Jim then spent 22 years working for Nova Motors, a general automotive repairer and LPG system specialist a Thebarton. When Nova closed its doors and was incorporated into Mildren Automotive, Jim moved with it and spent the next 8 years there until they too closed. When Viva Auto Repairs took over Mildren Automotive, Jim once again followed, giving us a very valuable employee, who continues to amaze us with his knowledge and willingness to adapt as technology constantly changes the role of a mechanic, particularly in the diagnostic arena. His understanding of computerised systems is outstanding, and his thirst for knowledge amazes us all.

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