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Improve your Car’s Performance with ULX Oil

Your choice in motor oil can have a significant impact on your cars performance. As such, if you want to drive your vehicle without a hassle, it is very important that you select quality motor oil like ULX oil. This motor oil has excellent track record for providing car owners with maximum satisfaction and helping bring their cars performance to the next level.

Many motoring experts agree that ULX is one the best motor oil available in the market today. Developed from top quality solvent neutral base stocks, ULX has special friction modifiers and EP additives that you cannot easily found in commercially available motor oil. This quality makes it one of the most reliable and dependable motoring essentials car owners can provide for their respective vehicles.

ulx 110 oil

As you may know, good motor oil is capable of maintaining a constant viscosity when exposed to temperature changes. It is also able to maintain proper viscosity for the entire duration of its intended drain interval. This is something motor oils like ULX excel at. As mentioned earlier, ULX has special additives that help reduce friction and oil temperature while maintaining oil viscosity. This will allow your vehicle to experience much better oil pressure and lower oil temperatures even during high RPM and severe service applications.

ULX is also capable of providing optimum protection for your cars engine. It has demulsifiers and anti-scruff agents for extended protection, doubling the life of your engine. It can also help your cars engine deliver up to 15 more horsepower. However, unlike other brands of synthetic oil, ULX can prevent potential damage to your engine while improving horsepower. Various dyno tests have consistently shown that with this motor oil, car owners can enjoy an increase in horsepower without having to worry about scuffed cylinders and piston skirts, detonation, and weak spark due to wet plugs.

But if theres one thing many car owners would love about ULX is that it helps them maximise their savings. This motor oil is known to help improve your gas mileage from 6% to up to 20%. As you may know, the better your mileage is, the more petrol you can save. And the more petrol you can save, the bigger the savings you can enjoy.

So if you want to improve your cars performance and provide optimum protection for its engine, follow the advice of motoring and auto repair experts. Use a reliable and dependable motor oil like ULX.

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