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Improve the Performance of Your Car with ULX Oil

Motor oil plays a significant role when it comes to the performance of your car. Thus, you need to make sure that the motor oil you will use is at its best quality. There is an array of motor oil that you may use on your vehicle. But if you want to use the best oil, then you should choose ULX oil.

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ULX oil is the most recommended brand when it comes to an oil change. It’s because it has an excellent track record that gives satisfaction to every car owner who uses it.

If you ask the car servicing experts, they will recommend ULX to use it on your car because of several reasons. One of the main reasons is the products used in creating this high-quality oil. Produced from high-quality solvent neutral-based stocks, it has EP additives and special friction modifiers, which you hardly find in well-known oil brands. This feature makes it as one of the essentials used for the motor to enhance the performance of their vehicles.

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As you all know, a good motor oil helps in maintaining constant coherence, especially in areas where the temperature changes every day. It keeps the right viscosity for the entire duration until you have consumed everything, and it is where ULX excels. Since it contains special additives, it reduces oil temperature and friction as it maintains the thickness of the oil. With this benefit, your car will have cooler oil temperature and better oil pressure, even if the motor is at its top speed.

Another good thing about ULX is that it gives the best protection for your engine. Aside from the components mentioned earlier, ULX also has demulsifiers and anti-scruff agents, which add protection and life to your car’s engine. Furthermore, it helps to deliver up to 15 more horsepower to your car’s motor, giving you a smooth ride as you drive your car.

But the best thing about ULX is it helps you save money in the long run. If you use this oil in your engine, you will get to save 6% to 20% from your gas expenses.


For these reasons, no wonder why many experts in automotive repairs recommend it whenever you need to change your motor oil. So, if you want to improve the car’s protection and performance, follow the advice of the experts from our team and use reliable and dependable motor oil like ULX.

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