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How to Tell If Your Car Needs New Tyres


Just as your feet feel sore after a day of walking, the tyre on your car look worse for wear after a long drive. Because they are the ones that come into direct contact with the road, your tyres will get old and worn down over time. If they start showing signs of advanced wear and tear, you should replace them immediately. Otherwise, tyre failure might occur, which can place not only your safety and security at risk, but those of other pedestrians and road users, as well. But how exactly do you know that it’s time to get a tyre replacement?

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1. Look for bulges, gouges or cracks on the tyre

When a tyre deflates, it usually bulges at the sides. This is usually a sign of low tyre pressure. Also, it is very likely that there’s a slow air leak. According to experts, if you see gouges, cracks in the sidewall, or anything that look out of the ordinary with your tyre, you should take your vehicle to the nearest repair shop and consider having the damaged tyres replaced.

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2. Check the tread wear

The tread on your car tyres should always be more than 1.6 millimetres deep. To determine current tread wear, check the tyre’s wear bar. Most tyres available today have bits of rubber woven in to the pattern at a specific depth. If the tread pattern is worn down to the wear bar, it’s time to get a tyre replacement.

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3. Check tyre pressure

Tyres deflate at a rate of about one pound per square inch or PSI every month. Since it would be impossible for you to wear your tyres down in just a month, consider taking your vehicle to the repair shop if your tyres are being deflated at a rate faster than 1 PSI per month. Always make sure that your tyres have the right inflation pressure to avoid potential problems.

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4. Watch out for vibration

Pay attention to how your car behaves when you are driving. If there is too much vibration, there might be some problem with your tyres. If it feels like the vibrations are coming from underneath the car, the rear tyres might be out of balance. On other hand, if the vibrations are coming from the steering wheel, you might be having problems with your suspension.

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As a responsible driver, you’d certainly want to know when your tyres are in bad shape so you can get replacements before something bad happens. As such, make sure to follow the tips discussed above and get auto servicing as soon as possible.

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