Holden Viva Review

The History Of The Holden Viva


From 2005 until 2009 Holden sold a small car under the name Of Holden Viva Although this car was built in Korea, it was not the first time that Holden had lent on the name of Viva for its products. From 1963 until 1966 the Vauxhall Viva was sold through the General Motors network. The HA model Vauxhall Viva was a small 2 door car produced in England with a 1057cc engine coupled to a 4 speed manual transmission and was sold in direct competition against the Ford Anglia. In 1967 at the time that the Viva was upgraded to the HB model, Holden Australia decided to release this new model as a Holden
product and called it the Torana. Once again the HB Viva was only released as a 2 door car, but was fitted with a larger motor and also came with an automatic transmission as an option. Holden then designed and built a 4 door version of the HB Torana, and these prove so popular, that the bodies were also exported to England to be sold as Vauxhall Vivas. The Vauxhall Viva remained in production in England until 1979 and saw three models with an HC to follow the HB.

In 2005, for mainly financial reasons, Holden decided to replace the Astra, which was built by Opel in Europe with the Daewoo built Lacetti. This car would be marketed as the Holden Viva. It was powered by a 98kw 1800cc engine coupled to either a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic transmission in front wheel drive configuration. With a long engine stroke the car has good mid range power but does lack a little pull at higher revs. The handling was considered to be one of the best for a sub $20,000 car at the time. Unfortunately Daewoo built cars of this era rated very poorly in NCAP safety testing but Holden did fit drivers, and passenger airbags in its models which added to safety of the occupants. Daewoo reliability was also as issue at the time, but with regular maintenance done by qualified automotive repairers, owners can expect normal reliable lifespan. Viva Auto repairs has vast experience in both the Vauxhall Viva & Holden Viva, and can keep any car running well.


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