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Auto Repair Expert Greg Mildren Underscores the Importance of Using Quality Oil Filters

Many auto repair experts would tell you that it is very important to use quality engine oils because they can do a good job of lubricating your engine and ensuring that your car is in excellent shape under most driving conditions. However, choosing a good engine oil wont make a huge difference if youre going to use a bad oil filter.

According to Greg Mildren of Mildren Automotive, better quality oils have the ability to do a good job for longer and they generally do it better. However, they wont be too much of a help if the car owner is using a second rate oil filter. He explained that low quality oil filters are not capable of effectively filtering particles and contaminants out from the oil. These contaminants are responsible for engine wear and if the oil filter is unable to keep them from your engine, it can potentially shorten the lifespan of your engine.

mildren automotive

Low quality filters also have limited ability when it comes to storing large amounts of unwanted particles, Greg said. As a result, they can easily become restrictive or blocked. And if they become blocked, you have no choice but to get a replacement ahead of your next scheduled oil change.

Another problem associated with second rate filters is that they can affect the performance of engines, especially rotary engines. According to Greg, poor quality filters can be restrictive to the flow of engine oil. He explained that this causes a pressure drop across the filter, reducing much needed oil pressure to the engine. Because rotary engines need higher oil pressure, they wont be able to function in their maximum capacity if there is a drop in oil pressure. So if your car has a rotary engine, it isnt really a good idea to use low quality filters.

Meanwhile, Greg conducted an experiment to help car owners determine the best oil filter available in the market today. As part of the study, he sliced open three top quality oil filters. They are an Australian made Mazda filter, a Mazda filter imported directly from Japan, and a WIX filter, which is made in Mexico.

After Gregs experiment, the auto servicing expert found that the Japanese made Mazda filter beats the other oil filters. According to him, it has significantly more filter media, it is 20% thicker, and 50% larger in area than the Australian made Mazda oil filter. He also discovered that the WIX filter is marginally more superior and better priced than the Australian Mazda filter.

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