car tune up12 - When Should You Get a Car Tune Up?

When Should You Get a Car Tune Up?

A car tune up keeps your car in good shape. It should be done regularly to ensure that your car is roadworthy all the time. It can also help improve the performance of your car and enhance gas mileage, which can help you save thousands of dollars on petrol. But when exactly should you take your car to an auto shop? Here are some common signs that you need to stop by at your trusted auto shop for a tune-up.

No 1: Ignition Knock. Experts advise getting car services in case you hear an ignition knock whenever you are accelerating or climbing. According to them, knocking is usually caused by a carbon build-up inside your engine. Although there are vehicles that have a knock sensor, you shouldn’t rely entirely on them because they are not made to fix such an issue. Having your car undergo a tune-up is the best and perhaps the only way to eliminate this problem.


No 2: Power Loss. If you think your car is losing power, it’s time for it to get a tune-up. Power loss is often caused by a filter that hasn’t been replaced for a long time. Fortunately, when you go get a car tune up, the mechanics will usually replace your filters. So if you feel that your car is having this problem, you should take your car to an auto shop as soon as possible.

No 3: Low Gas Mileage. Fuel mileage can be computed by dividing the number of miles you have driven by the gallons of petrol you have used. If your car has poor mileage, your car probably has transmission problems or the engine is running too cold. This problem can also be caused by misaligned wheels or dragging brakes. If you don’t want to waste petrol anymore, you should get car tune up so the mechanics will be able to provide a proper diagnosis for your vehicle and determine the best way to address this issue.

No 4: Exhaust Odour. Does your car’s exhaust smell like rotten eggs? If it does, then there might be something wrong with your vehicle’s catalytic converter. According to experts, unpleasant exhaust odour is usually caused by a faulty catalytic converter. Good thing this problem can easily be remedied by getting a tune-up and obtaining the appropriate car services for your vehicle.

As a responsible car owner, providing your vehicle with car tune up is something you must do regularly. Also, make sure that you choose a reliable auto shop to provide tuning and maintenance for your vehicle to ensure that you’ll receive the best service possible.


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