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The Future Of Car Making and Auto Repair: Flying Cars Are Now Here

If you’re a fan of or have watched the Back to the Future franchise, then you know that 2015 has already come and gone but we have yet to see flying cars. But apparently, a group of car experts in Europe are currently developing cars that will take us to the skies in the near future. Just imagine what sort of auto repair services these flying cars would need if and when they become available on the market.

Is It Now Possible to Drive Flying Cars?

Dutch and Slovak companies recently unveiled two prototypes of flying cars at an event that showcases today’s “super cars” in Monaco. Aeromobil, which is based in Bratislava, was the first to get into the project. The Slovak company launched its first prototype two years ago, but it suffered an accident. Now, Aeromobil is back with a vengeance at the Top Marques showcase event, promising to deliver the first batch of flying cars to interested clients by 2020.


We are taking reservations from today for deliveries expected in 2020, after the process of (regulatory) approvals is completed, said Stefan Vadocz, the car company’s spokesman.

Aeromobil introduced its prototype vehicle, a contraption measuring six metres long and with a fully deployed span of nine metres. It is basically a four-wheel car that can unfold its wings in order to fly. The car company said it can fly two passengers at a speed of 260 kilometres per hour. Its maximum speed is 750 kilometres.

However, there’s a catch. If you want a flying car, you have to shell out between 1.2 and 1.5 million Euros or AUD 1.7 million to AUD 2.13 million. Plus, you need to spend more depending on the extra options you have chosen.

A Much Cheaper Flying Car?

If you want a cheaper flying car, Aeromobil’s Dutch rival is offering its invention at a relatively cheaper price. Robert Dingemanse, whose company is headquartered in Breda, the Netherlands, is offering the Pal-V Liberty at 299,000 to 499,000 Euros. The vehicle, which is actually a cross between a car and plane, is four metres long.

The good news is that it can be delivered as early next year once it is given official approval. The flying car can fly two people at a speed of 160 kph and its creators are claiming that it is “one of the safest flying machines on the planet.”

If you have the money, would you be willing to buy them and pay for their car repairs when they get broken?

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