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Ford Outsells Holden for the First Time Since 1999

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For the first time in years, Ford has defeated Holden when it comes to selling cars in Australia, shocking local auto repair experts and the Australian auto industry. Data showed that Ford Australia has sold a total of 6,842 cars in April, its sales jumping by 18.2%. Holden, on the other hand, sold 6,710 cars during the same period. However, its sales figures fell by 5.1%.

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The last time Ford outsold Holden was way back in 1999. During that time, Ford was offering the AU Falcon, which was Australia’s top selling car in January 1999. Ford sold 8,591 cars back then, while Holden sold 8,335 units.

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Ford’s Ranger UTE is the company’s most popular car this year, with the car maker selling 2,973 units. It is the third highest selling car in Australia and it is just behind Hyundai i30 and Toyota HiLux. Ford’s second best performer is the Mustang. It sold 690 units last month and auto experts predict that sales will continue to rise in the coming months. Reports said that you’ll have to wait until 2017 for your Mustang to be delivered if you order today because the waiting list is that long.


Despite Ford’s significant growth this year, the brand is still lagging behind other car makers. Toyota remains Australia’s highest selling brand this year. It sold 16,567 units and sales were up by 8.3%. Hyundai has followed in second place with 8,643 units sold and sales increasing by 19.9%. Mazda was in third place with 8,461 units sold. Sales of Mazda cars are also up by 4.9%.

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Whether you’re a fan of Ford or Holden, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is receiving quality car servicing. Keeping your car in excellent shape is one of the secrets to extending its lifespan and ensuring optimum performance. As such, make it a point to visit your trusted auto shop and have your car tuned up by expert mechanics from time to time.

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Meanwhile, to ensure that you’ll get quality auto services, see to it that you are leaving your car in the hands of a reliable and reputable auto shop. Before you settle for a particular auto shop or repair company, you must do some research. Check the company’s reputation and ensure that their mechanics are skilled, experienced, and trustworthy. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get car repairs or maintenance services that will give you great value for your money.

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