mildren automotive - How to Fix Your RX8's Hot or Cold Starting Problems, According to Mildren Automotive

How to Fix Your RX8’s Hot or Cold Starting Problems, According to Mildren Automotive

With its engine power and sleek design, nobody can easily resist the Mazda RX8. This sports car is indeed one fine piece of work, which is why it remains a popular choice among many car owners. However, there are an increasing number of RX8 owners who are having a hard time starting their cars when it is extremely hot or cold. According to Mildren Automotive, this is something the RX8 should not be experiencing. As a matter of fact, cars with a rotary engine, the RX8 included, should start like any other motor vehicle, regardless of whether it is hot or cold.

There are two common reasons why car owners are having such a problem. The first reason is that their car’s engine might be suffering from low compression. The second one is that they might have a slow starter motor. However, there is no easy way to tell for sure if Reason No 1 or Reason No 2 is causing hot start problems to your car. The only way for you to identify the real cause is to have a Mazda rotary compression test.


When your car undergoes a compression test, you will see at least seven numbers on the test results. According to Mildren Automotive,the first six numbers will tell you the compression reading from each face of both rotors, while the seventh number will tell you the exact speed your starter motor is cranking. Ideally, if there’s no problem with your RX8, your results should read between 6.9kgf and 8.5kgf at 250rpm, according to Mazda.

In case you’ve found out after the Mazda rotary compression test that the starter rotoris slow but your engine is okay, you can simply fit a faster starter motor and there should be no problem with hot or cold starting. But if the problem is low compression, there are two things you can do to address this problem.

First, you can fit a fast starter motor. However, this option is just a quick fix and it is very likely that the problem might crop up again further down the road. The second option, according to Mildren Automotive, is to have your engine stripped down and rebuilt with new parts. This should solve the problem and at the same time, extend the life of your engine.

But whatever option you decide to choose, make sure that you take your RX8 to a reliable auto repair shop, like Mildren Automotive. The same thing goes when having a compression test. It is important to have the test carried out by a rotary specialist to ensure the use of the proper testing equipment and more accurate results.

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