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Experts Says Drivers Need Clutch Repairs and Better Education, Not Tough Legislation

Careless driving and driving with a faulty vehicle are amongst the leading causes of road accidents in the country, according to various studies conducted throughout the years. However, instead of educating drivers and car owners about the perils of driving a car that badly needs clutch repairs or ignoring traffic rules and regulation, local government officials are more inclined to impose tougher penalties to reduce the number of car crashes.

auto repair-road-accidents

Tom Percy, a Perth QC in Western Australia, has expressed his disagreement over the latest proposal made by WAs police minister to have a new legislation punishing those who are guilty of careless driving causing death or bodily harm. According to him, there are no solid proof that imposing tougher penalties will help improve the behaviour of drivers and car owners. He also pointed out that a similar legislation in other states, particularly in South Australia, has no impact on serious accidents.

There is no realistic prospect that by lowering the bar or increasing penalties driver behaviour will significantly improve. Twenty-five years ago we lowered the drink driving limit from .08 to .05 with no appreciable reduction in the rate of offending. Doubling demerit points on long weekends, while a noble aspiration, has similarly been entirely ineffective, Percy said.

Instead of passing new legislation that punishes irresponsible drivers, Percy said local officials should spend more time increasing driver education and changing driver attitudes. They should tell drivers and car owners to check if their vehicles are in good condition and provide the necessary fixes, like brake repairs for instance, before travelling. And most importantly, Percy said there should be a massive increase in surveillance and visible police presence on the roads to prevent accidents.

As a car owner, meanwhile, it is very important that you do your part to help prevent road accidents. You should follow traffic rules and regulations and you should never drive while under the influence of alcohol. Educate yourself about proper road behaviour and more importantly, always make sure that your car is always in great shape.

Not only does it place your safety at risk, driving a faulty car can also endanger the lives of your fellow road users and travellers. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with your car, dont use it for the meantime. Take it to a repair shop as soon as possible. And if it requires new car spare parts, be sure to get the necessary replacements before driving your car again.

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