find different types of fluid leaks in your vechile

Distinguishing Different types of Fluid leaks

There are many benefits to knowing what type of fluid leak you are having, it will be convenient for you if you know the basic types of fluid your car has. This will help you identify if you car needs to visit an auto repair or not.

For most people, every fluid leak that occurs in their car needs to be taken to their auto repair shop. If you are knowledgeable and comfortable replacing them yourself, then it will be convenient for you and less time consuming. Here are fluid leaks and their color you should know off to distinguish which is causing the issue.

Types of Fluid and their Color

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Also known as antifreeze is a very common leak in cars. Although its not a serious leak, its still always best to get it repaired in your localauto repair shop.

Coolant regulates the temperature in your car engine, and if left alone it may lead your engine to overheat. The color of coolants is usually green, but it can sometimes be orange or even pink. Regarding the texture, it may be sticky when rubbed.

Gas Leaks

Well this is pretty easy to identify and its very a logical thing, if you see a puddle underneath your car and reeks of the smell of gas? Then thats most likely a gas leak.

So if you see any puddles that smell like gas, you have two places to look at and it usually happens in the front or rear of the car. If the gas puddle is in the rear then you should check your gas tank,

if you are kind of a car mechanic yourself it may be easy to get it repaired on your own. On the other hand, if you have a puddle near the front then that may be your fuel pump, also check your pump lines as well if any of these are the cause of the leak then its best to get your car mechanic.


This is a common leak and is one of the most important to be checked out, because if you are experiencing an oil leak and you just leave it alone then your engine may get damaged. When it comes to the color of the oil usually new ones have a yellow brown color while the older ones have dark brown or a black color

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid serves as the hydraulic fluid that maintains your cars hydraulic pressure system. If your brake fluid is leaking then there is a high possibility of having a brake failure and it may really get dangerous if you are still using the car when this occurs.

Its very rare for modern cars to have brake fluid leaks however if you do experience this you must get it repaired ASAP. You will be able to identify this if you see a puddle near the tires or the area directly underneath your brake pedal.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid is often light red in color when its new and is usually dark red to brown color when it gets old. Transmission fluid is basically the lubricant that allows your car to shift gears smoothly. This leak usually found near the front or middle part of the car.

Power Steering Fluid

Most people probably know this type of fluid already and usually it has a yellowish green color when new and brown when old. This is the fluid that helps you maneuver your steering wheel with ease. The leak however can vary with different car models so its best to check your cars manual if you do see an unusual leak.

Distinguishing Different types of Fluid leaks

Know Your Car Fluids and Keep Safe

Overall these are the common fluids that you should be aware of and its always best to know which is causing the issue so that you can decide if you wish to get your car repairs done or not.

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