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How to Determine If Your A/C Unit Needs Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Getting an auto air conditioning repair is the first thing you must do when you see a sign of trouble. However, not every car owner knows if there is a problem with the car’s cooling system. They will only bring it to the technician if the problem is already out of hand.But how will you know if your cooling system is in good shape or not? In this article, you will learn the signs of a broken air conditioning unit.

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Leaking Dashboard- It is the easiest sign that you could see if your car air con has a problem. If you see a water stain on the mat, chances are it comes from underneath of the dashboard. You need to see if there is a dripping water beneath it. If there is, there is a chance that the hose that sips the water out is clogged. Thus, you need to give the cooling unit immediate attention before it gets serious.

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Leaking Refrigerant- Refrigerant plays a crucial role in every air conditioning unit. It cools the interior of your car, making you feel comfortable while you are riding in it. But if you have turned on the air conditioning unit for so long, and the temperature is still hot inside the car, there is a chance that your refrigerant is leaking. If you see this, go to your most trusted car aircon repair service to fix the issue.

Noisy Air Con Unit- Do you hear unwanted sounds whenever you turn on your car air conditioning system? If so, there might be some debris in the fan that causes the weird noise. Furthermore, hearing a rattling sound is an indication that the fan belt or the condenser is broken. If you keep hearing this sound, which you didn’t hear before, you need to take it to an auto repair shop to fix the problem immediately.

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Mouldy Smell- If you smell something bad in the car, it doesn’t mean that you left some garbage inside it, and you forgot to throw it in the trash bin. There is a chance that there is mould in the air vent. Mould is bad for our health. It causes an allergic reaction and breathing problems to others. If you don’t want to put your health at risk, then taking your car to a car repair shop will solve the problem.

As we often say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Thus, you need to be vigilant and check if you see or hear those signs and fix the issue before it gets worst. Call or visit us to get car aircon repair services


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