Use Our Adelaide Car Detailing to Improve Your Car’s Look


When it comes to getting the polished and new look for your car or vehicle, you need a team that can have it done right. At Viva Auto Repairs, we are the best car detailing in Adelaide. We take on everything from interior car detailing all the way through to pre sale detailing. We want to ensure that your vehicle is in the most pristine condition that it can possible be.

We take enormous pride in our work and when it comes to getting the look for your car that you have always wanted. Car detailing is a method of using an array of washes, polishing kits, buffers and  a few trade secrets to achieve the brand new, shinny and reflective look that everyone wants for their car. Simply washing your car with water and liquid wax won’t get the results of that brand new car look, this is when you need a professional that can take an equal amount of time and care of the body work of your car to make sure that ti is gleaming like a mirror under all conditions.

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