clutch problems to look out for

Common Clutch Problems to be Aware of

When having your car serviced, sometimes its best to have some knowledge about the basic problems your clutch may have. This is to be able to get accurate and precise clutch repairs done to your car by your local auto repairs shop.

Basics about Clutches and problems

Whether if its brake repairs or clutch repairs, your local mechanics cant always easily determine the problem your vehicle is having.  In most cases clutch problems that seem to be severe turns out to be a minor case and can easily be fixed. In other more complex cases, the clutch assembly may have to be replaced or some other major component it may have.

Clutch problems usually occur when its being abused. For example, if you accelerate too fast and then suddenly release the clutch pedal, this causes instant heat buildup in the clutch disc which will stress out your clutch. Under this type of abuse your clutch assembly would definitely not last very long.

This type of abuse can cause your flywheel, clutch cover, or even your clutch housing bolts to shear off. Another example of this is when you start off in a high gear rather than a low gear. Shifting to a higher gear before the engine reaches its proper rpm can also overload the clutch.

Common Clutch Problems to be Aware of


Clutch Problem Terminologies

Clutch Drag occurs when you cannot shift gears, the most common causes of this are improper linkage modification or lack of lubrication on the moving parts of the linkage.

Clutch chatter this is when you hear or feel a rapid clunking or rattling noise. It occurs when the clutch is being pressed and disappears when the clutch is fully pressed. The noise is caused by the vibration set up in the clutch linkage and its drive train.

Clutch explosion this is pretty much obvious as where the components fly apart due to the vehicles centrifugal force. Major causes can be excessive clutch rpm, unbalanced components, or loose pressure plates.

Clutch Vibration can be felt if your clutch has a problem when you press the clutch fully and you begin to feel the car vibrate. This is different from the symptom clutch chatter because that occurs when the clutch is in the process of being pressed or released.

Hard pedal can be noticed when the clutch pedal is hard to push down or if pushed strong enough, the pedal may stay on the floor or rise slowly when released. This problem is usually caused by the linkage and may wear out the components quickly.

Being able to identify these common problems when getting your clutch repairs will help your mechanics get to the root cause faster, this will make it more convenient and less time consuming when getting your auto repairs.


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