Fast and Efficient Clutch Repairs in Adelaide


The clutch in your car endures a huge load as every time you use it, whatever power your engine is producing is transmitted through the gear box and diff to change the inertia of over a tonne of car. Obviously the biggest load is applied as you get your car to move off from a stationary position. With all these forces placed on a relatively small component, there are many things that can wear and affect the efficiency of your clutch. The clutch itself can just wear out and this usually shows itself as a slip where your engine will rev at a faster rate than the vehicle would normally accelerate. This is often accompanied by a burning smell. Maybe your clutch is shuddering or jerking as you take off and change gears and this could be caused by heat damaged components, an oil leak onto the clutch or broken engine mounts. The clutch is connected to your clutch pedal by way of either mechanical means (cable or linkages) or hydraulic cylinders and if any of these are worn or broken, you clutch has no chance of working as it should.

At Viva Auto Repairs, we can diagnose and repair your clutch to allow the smooth driving you are used to. Clutch repairs will often require the removal of the gearbox and with 4 hoists and the necessary lifting equipment, we can do this efficiently and safely. If your car needs a clutch replacement we can fit a clutch from a wide range, from standard replacement to heavy duty if you regularly tow all the way up to extreme competition clutches.


clutch repairs Adelaide

Come and see Viva Auto Repairs and we can fix your clutch issues.

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