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Car Service: Frequently Asked Questions about Converting to Auto LPG

Want to minimise your daily fuel expenses? If you do, you should consider getting car service and converting your car to LPG Autogas. A car engine converted to run on LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, pretty much works the same way as a conventional petrol engine. The difference, however, is that it uses different fuel. Everything about the car will remain the same save for the separate fuelling system that will be added to your car. This fuelling system will have its own tank, piping, ECU, and injectors.

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What You Need to Know about Converting to LPG

1. Is it expensive?

The cost of having an LPG conversion depends on the type of vehicle you have. Another factor that will affect the price is the type of gas system compatible with your vehicle. Conversions generally cost somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000. While the may price may be steep at first, it can help you enjoy bigger savings in the long run. For example, a person driving 500 kilometres per week can save as much as $880 per year.

2. Is it safe?

Using LPG to fuel your vehicle is absolute safe. In fact, many LPG servicing experts agree that LPG is one of the safest fuels available on the market today. In addition, the local auto LPG industry adheres to strict national standards and state regulations. Tanks and refuelling infrastructure are frequently inspected to ensure that they are working properly.

3. What type of car can be converted to LPG?

No matter what kind of car you might have, you can be sure to take advantage of the benefits of converting to LPG. According to Gas Energy Australia, most car makes and models can be converted to run on LPG. But if you want to make sure that your vehicle is suited for a conversion, it would be wise to consult a licensed installer first.

4. Will it affect vehicle performance?

Converting to an LPG engine does have an effect on your car’s performance. For example, it may slightly increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption. However, this can be easily offset by the price of LPG, which is significantly cheaper than petrol.

It’s Actually Good for Your Car

5. Will it affect the value of my car?

Sure, it will affect the value of your car, but for the better. Converting your car to run on auto LPG can actually increase its value because it can help reduce engine wear and tear.

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