The best car service cost Adelaide

At Viva Auto Repairs, we offer a fixed car service cost Adelaide that is guaranteed to save you big bucks. Contrary to what many people believe, outsourcing your car service beyond your dealer will not compromise your new car warranty, given the service is performed by a qualified automotive repair shop and all items on the scheduled service list are carried out using the correct parts & fluids as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Dealers have been known to overlook minor issues in the hope that they go undetected until after the warranty expires. This makes for a potentially costly future repair when the broken or damaged part of your vehicle inevitably worsens with time. We guarantee to complete your car service to a higher level than dealerships offer. As well as general car servicing, we also offer a wide range of repairs, and stock a vast array of parts for people to purchase at a great price.

If you are looking for the best value for money from your car service cost Adelaide, look no further than Viva Auto Repairs. We guarantee to get the job done right the first time, with the friendliest available service to match.

Guaranteed value for money

When looking for the best car service cost Adelaide, you must measure total cost in terms of value for money – is the repairer going above and beyond to ensure your car is safe and reliable for the long-term, or do they charge less for a service that isn’t guaranteed to stand the test of time? With Viva Auto Repairs, you get the best of both worlds. Our innovative diagnostic technology allows us to detect your vehicle’s problem for free, even before you decide whether or not you would like us to complete the repair. Next, we can provide you with a comprehensive written quote including a breakdown of costs associated with the diagnosis, so you understand exactly what you are in for from the very beginning. We do our absolute best to keep costs to a minimum, and our transparent style of communication will keep you well informed throughout the entire service process.

Our Services

While our fixed car service cost Adelaide applies to our log book service, we can also take care of:

  • LPG servicing – Auto servicing these cars is not only more involved than petrol or diesel powered vehicles, but is far more critical. Due to the efficiency of LPG being highly influenced by other factors, ensuring the ignition system is performing at its peak is essential. We have mechanics with the expertise to service and tune up auto LPG systems to prevent costly car repairs.
  • Oil change – Our unique 48-point inspection and safety check involves a thorough inspection of all fluid levels, lights, wipers and other electrical appliances. We also remove wheels where necessary to check your brakes.
  • Car tune up – We will check and replace the spark plugs, test ignition leads and test coils & ignition modules. The better your car runs, the less fuel it will go through.

Fix it right the first time!