Australian car sales bounce back

Car Sellers and Auto Repairs Providers Rejoice as Australian Car Sales Bounce Back

After experiencing a weaker month in April, car companies bounced back in May, selling more cars than last year. VFACTS, a new car sales reporting body in Australia, revealed that sales of brand new cars jumped by 6.4% last month from May 2016. This development is a positive one for companies providing auto repairs as they are likely to have more customers further down the road.

Car Sales Reporting Body in Australia

According to VFACTS, a total of 102,901 units were sold last month, helping restore year to date figures. SUVs, or sport utility vehicles, were the best sellers, taking away the biggest slice of the sales pie. Figures show that 38.5% of total car sales were composed of SUV sales.

Passenger cars closely followed in second place, accounting for 37.7% of total car sales, while light commercial vehicles came in third place with 20.6%. Toyota, Mazda, and Hyundai sold the most number of cars, according to data compiled by The Motor Report. Toyota sold a total number of 19,876 units, up by 5.3% from last year. Mazda, which is in second place, sold 9,903 units (up by a measly 1% year on year).

Although Hyundai was in third place by selling 8,312 units, things are a bit rocky for the Korean car maker. Its year on year sales were down by 10.7%. Ford (7,617 units) and Holden (6,917 units) rounded up the top five, with the latter recording a 10.4% growth in annual car sales.


Car Sellers and Auto Repairs Providers Rejoice as Australian Car Sales Bounce Back


Apart from selling the most number of cars in Australia last month, Toyota tops the list of best selling models in the country. According to reports, Toyota HiLux was the best-selling model, selling a total of 4,154 units last month.

Ford Ranger followed in second place with 4,069 units, while Toyota Corolla was in third place with 3,160 units. Hyundai i30 and the Mazda3 were in fourth and fifth place with sales of 2,683 and 3,594 units, respectively.

According to VFACTS, compact cars are still enjoying massive popularity in the country. SUVs, on the other hand, are getting more in demand in recent months, as evidenced by the fact that it has the most number of sales in May.

Meanwhile, if you have plans to buy a new car in the future or if you’ve already bought one, one of the things you should do is look for a car servicing expert in your area that you can trust. By building a relationship with a reliable local mechanic, you can be sure that all of your automotive-related problems will be solved easily.

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