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Have you found the right car repairs shop Adelaide? Give Viva Auto Repairs a go! Our team are devoted to setting ourselves apart and providing our clients with ultimate customer satisfaction every visit. Owner of Viva Auto Repairs, Marque Le Maistre, has had years of experience in the lead up to opening the business. As a result, our team of 3 have a combined experience of nearly 130 years dealing with all kinds of vehicles and motor-parts, which is reflected in the high quality of our work. All of our workmanship is guaranteed, and we boast diagnostic abilities which help us come up with an immediate solution to any problem you put forth. Our well-equipped workshop is filled with some of the best technology and products on the market, which means our performance is efficient and tasks are always completed at the highest of industry standards. Are you looking for prompt service and a quality result? Look no further than our car repairs shop Adelaide.

Have we missed a problem youve been experiencing with your vehicle? Call our car repairs shop Adelaide for a quick consult and well demonstrate our quick diagnosis and problem-solving skills to get your car fully functioning again. Our team is always ready to help!


You can expect all of the standard mechanic services from our car repairs shop Adelaide, plus more. We stock a comprehensive range of tyres for all kinds of vehicles at different performance levels. You can book an appointment with us and well fit them for you within a half-hour time frame. Our team also do log book services, both minor and major, to help you comply with the warranty terms and conditions of your vehicle. If you need part replacements for any area of your car including suspension, clutch or brakes, were able to order any parts specific to your vehicle and install them upon booking. We also do oil changes, tune ups for your ignition system and LPG servicing. All of our services are offered at a reasonable price, and we treat every vehicle as if it were brand new out of respect for your property. Do any of these services meet your car needs? Get in touch with our car repairs shop Adelaide to see what we can do for you.





Our team of mechanics at Vivas car repairs shop Adelaide share a diverse set of skills which helps us resolve all of your car troubles. Even after years of working in the field, we are passionate workers and go into each job with enthusiasm. Our car auto repairs shop, located on Richmond Rd, is in a great drop of location for our customers, as were surrounded by cafs and have our own small but comfortable waiting room for customers during smaller jobs. We also take all of our clients car concerns seriously, because we know how quickly small problems can escalate if untreated. Some of the warning signs we advise our clients to look out for are:

  • Strange noises
  • Fluid leaks
  • Burning smells
  • Dashboard warnings.

If you have been experiencing one or all of these signs, our talented team will get to the bottom of the problem before your safety is at risk. At our car repairs shop Adelaide, we prioritise your wellbeing and budget constraints, so make us your go-to for any upcoming car problems and services.

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