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After Wild Weather Brings Floods to Canberra

Vehicle owners in Canberra are likely to get auto repairs after wild weather swept through the nation’s capital. Emergency services received more than 500 calls for help after yesterday’s storm brought torrential rains, flooding, and wind gusts of up to 74 kilometres per hour to the area. Reports said Tuggeranong, which bore the brunt of the storm activity, experienced more than 80 millimetres of rain.

Roads across the city were flooded and some fallen trees and their branches were lying on them in several areas. Parts of the Canberra Hospital weren’t spared by the floods, either. Emergency Services Agency chief Dominic Lane said State Emergency Service (SES) crews worked late into the night to put everything back in order after Wednesday’s storm. Car servicing shops, on the other hand, are expected to have a busy schedule in the coming days as car owners are likely to seek their assistance for their flood-damaged vehicles.

“Many drains and gutters overflowed throughout the city and of course then put water back into buildings and into carpets and things like so very busy just cleaning that up and helping people get back to normal,” said Lane. As of Thursday morning, SES crews are still responding to calls for storm jobs and they are expected to render their assistance until everything is back to normal in the nation’s capital. If the group can do automotive repairs, they will probably do it, too, just to help the people affected by the storm.

Meanwhile, car owners, whose vehicles were affected by Wednesday’s torrential rains, are advised to get car servicing as quickly as possible. This is to ensure that their vehicles didn’t suffer serious damage from the wild weather. According to car experts, flooded vehicles don’t usually show early signs of extensive damage. The biggest problem is what can happen later on.

After a few years, the cars might start acting up and have weird electrical problems. Also, their engines and other spare parts might not perform as they used to. This could cost hundreds of dollars to replace. As such, it is best to immediately bring their vehicles to a mechanic and get quick auto repairs to avoid huge expenses in the future.

Was your car affected by Wednesday’s rain storm? If it was, then you should bring your car to a reliable shop that offers quality automotive repairs. This is to ensure that your vehicle is always in optimum condition. Don’t wait till your car is beyond repair or you’ll regret it later on.

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