ARS Mechanical Med1 - Car Owners Urged to Get Auto Repairs from RAA-Accredited Mechanics

Car Owners Urged to Get Auto Repairs from RAA-Accredited Mechanics

For car owners who are planning to get auto repairs from local mechanics, the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia or RAA is advising everyone to choose auto mechanics that are recognised by the association. Mechanics that are accredited by the RAA are required to follow a set of rules and guidelines when it comes to dealing with their customers. By choosing an Approved Repairer, car owners can expect the best service possible for their vehicles.


According to the RAA, to be an Approved Repairer, mechanics must be able to provide quality workmanship, maintain a fair pricing policy, and agree to follow the RAA Code of Practice. They should also uphold the standards in equipment and qualifications to remain a part of the association. And for the mechanics to remain accredited, they are required to undergo auditing by the RAA to ensure that they can maintain their excellent standards and continuously provide their clients with quality car services.

Under the Code of Practice for mechanics, the RAA revealed that Approved Repairers are required to provide their clients, particularly RAA members, with a written estimate of the cost of their auto repairs. They also have to indicate the details of the work required and the parts that will be needed. If additional parts or services are required due to unforeseen circumstances, they can increase the estimate by up to 10%.

Another reason why car owners should opt for RAA-accredited mechanics is because all Approved Repairers are to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of their car services, especially under normal operating conditions. In the event that they are not able to fulfil the demand of their client, they are required to advise the latter in writing before the repairs are completed.

RAA-accredited mechanics are also required to settle disputes with their clients the soonest possible time. If both parties have failed to reach an agreement, the case will be submitted to the RAA, with the association acting as an arbitrator. By taking their car to a mechanic recognised by the RAA for auto repairs, therefore, motorists can rest assured knowing that they can have the assistance of the organisation in case they encounter problems with the mechanic.

It is indeed advantageous for car owners to enlist the services of mechanics that are recognised by and affiliated with the RAA. By choosing Approved Repairers, car owners can rest assured knowing that they will receive reliable and top quality auto repairs at reasonable prices.

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