some of the most crucial car parts you must know about

Car Mechanics: Car Parts you must be Familiar of

It wouldnt really hurt to have a little knowledge on cars because most of use them daily for transportation. You dont necessarily need to know detailed information but the right idea of the part that may be faulty. This is for your convenience and in case you run in to some trouble with the car you can identify which part is faulty and probably get your own car repairs done.

Basic Car Parts to be Aware of

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Air Filter this is found inside a drum, which is usually made up of paper or a fabric filter. The purpose of this part is to capture debris such as dust and dirt and keep them out of the engine.

Alternator is a main one of the main components that produces alternating current electricity. This electricity keeps your air condition, cooling fans, headlights, windshield wipers, and other components that need electricity to work running.

Condenser has fins and looks similar to a radiator, this part is what circulates your air conditioner, by cooling the air as it passes through the fins.

Disc Brakes another major component of your car because this handles your braking system, where the discs rotates in conjunction with your wheels, when you hit the brakes, calipers on each side push into the disc which will help stop the car.

Fuel Injector – is a valvethat is controlled by electricity and helps move fuel into the combustion chambers of your engine.

Fuel Pump – is part of the fuel supply system, its job is to force the gas from the gas tank into the engine. \

Transmission this part controls the movement of gears in your vehicle. The terrain weather it is uphill or downhill, as well as the driver can determine the shift of the transmission.

Parking Brake also known as hand brake is used to keep your vehicle in position when parked. This usually attached to either your drive shaft or your rear wheels.

Powertrain also known as the drive train is a collection of parts that helps moves your wheels.

Radiator is part of the cooling system of your car, it works as a heat exchanger. To simplify this, this component reduces the temperature of the coolant to protect the engine as air moves through the radiator.

Shocks sometimes referred to as shock absorbers is part of your cars suspension system. It provides stabilization and distributes the weight of heavy loads to make the car stable enough to be handled even if there is a difference in weight distribution throughout the car.

Tachometer show the speed of the engine, this is usually used by drivers who use manual transmission. They usually keep their eye on the meter to know when to change gears, while some listen to the engine.

Thermostat can be found between the radiator and engine, the purpose of this component is to keep the coolant above a specific temperature. If it detects that the coolant is below its regular temperature, it will automatically prevent the coolant from entering the radiator until it goes back to the minimum temperature.

Car maintenance is still important

These are only some parts that you should be aware of, there are still more parts that can you should know about. However its best to keep them in check by your mechanics to provide you with proper car repairs.

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