Replace your old car battery


If you’re looking for a cheap car battery that not only will last a long time, but wont break the bank, Viva Auto Repairs have one on the biggest collection of high quality and durable vehicle batteries on the market. Batteries are usually the last thing that we think of when it comes to car maintenance, but it can be one for the most important, especially when it comes to travelling long distances with your friends or family. The last thing you want is to be caught out in the middle of no where because of a faulty battery, so why not come into Viva Auto and let us have a look at your cars battery and see if it needs replacing. All of the products that we stock are the highest quality and the industry standard, to ensure that your car will have the electrical power that it needs all the time. Some of the incredible range that we stock include but are not limited to


N70ZZ/L $165.00

Lithiumax Battery – 380CCA

Lithiumax Battery – 550CCA-$389.00 Inc GST-Including aluminium mounting $ 449.00 Inc GST

Lithiumax Battery – 380CCA $349.00 Inc GST including aluminium mounting $399.00 inc GST

NS40ZAL/N41 $115.00

Lithiumax Battery – 220CCA $189.00 inc GST

NS50XE/55D23l-R $165

M50Z/M70Z $195.00

D50Z $165.00

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