Car Airconditioning Repair: 5 Major Components

Car airconditioning repair is a meticulous process that really involves the capable hands of professional mechanics and technicians. Even if there are do-it-yourself articles that claim to teach you how to fix it, to properly do the job you need to call in the help of the experts. However, learning about the basics of a car air conditioning system is knowledge that is indispensible. Here are the five basic components of an air conditioning system.

The first component is the compressor and it is probably the vital part of the whole system. Think of it as the heart of your air conditioning system. It is responsible for converting the refrigerant or more commonly known as the gas and then pressurising it so that it cools the air. Generally the compressor is run by an engine belt. There is an electrically operated clutch that turns the compressor on and off, depending on your demand of cool air.


The second component of the air conditioning system is the condenser. This part of the system is similar to a mini radiator and it usually placed at the front of the car near the cars radiator. The device compresses the hot air and allows it to pass through the condenser to convert it into cool and refreshing air. The air actually liquefies in the overall cooling process.

The third component is the evaporator, which does the exact opposite of the condenser. This is a little radiator that allows the super-cool liquid from the condenser to pass through its tubes and forces out the air. It gets really cold right before it hits your face. The refrigerant will turn into its gaseous form as the evaporator warms up.

The fourth component is the thermal expansion valve. This is the valve that controls the flow of the incredibly cold refrigerant to the evaporator. This will help regulate the temperature of the cold air that blows out of the system. In short, the thermal expansion valve helps you to not freeze your toes off. There are different types of valves in use these days, but they all function with the same reason.

The final component of the air conditioning system is the drier or accumulator. This part of the system acts like a safety catch for your system. You now know that the compressor is supposed to compress the gaseous form of your refrigerant, but there are times that some liquid could make it that far. The drier catches this liquid substance before it does any damage to your compressor. It also acts like a filter for any debris that could enter the compressor. These are the five major parts of an air conditioning system. If you want to have your vehicle fixed then you should definitely call in the help of car services.

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