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Be Sure to Get Car Air conditioning Service before Travelling as Australia Suffers from Intense Heatwave

If you are planning to travel to any part of Australia this week or in the next few days, make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is working and in good shape. If not, you should visit your trusted auto repair shop and get car air conditioning service as soon as possible. Otherwise, you should be prepared to experience sweltering temperatures while travelling.

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Major parts of the country are suffering from an intense heatwave due to a stationary high pressure system in the Tasman Sea that has been dragging hot air from the centre of Australia. In South Australia, temperatures are expected to hit 44 degrees Celsius over the weekend. On December 19th, the heatwave broke a record when temperatures hit 40 degrees in Adelaide at about 11am, causing the city to experience temperatures above 40 degrees in December for four days in a row. The previous record was three days.

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More than 100 people have already been admitted to hospitals due to heat-related problems over the last few days. In light of this issue, The SA SES has encouraged local residents to stay cool and hydrated. They also ask everyone to help elderly friends, neighbours and relatives who may need assistance.

If you are travelling to or from Melbourne, make sure to give your car mechanics a visit. The city is also battling with intense temperatures as the city hit a high of 35 degrees while the outer suburbs continue to experience temperatures of up to 40 degrees.

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Like in Adelaide, people are told to keep cool and look after friends and relatives who might be feeling unwell due to the intense heat. They are also asked not to leave children or pets inside their vehicles. Meanwhile, a total fire ban has been set in place in Wimmera, South West, North Central, and the Central districts of Victoria, including Melbourne and Geelong. The local Department of Health has also issued a heat alert for the Mallee, North Central, Northern Country, and Wimmera districts.

Heatwaves can cause medical problems such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. According to authorities, more Australians are being killed by the intense heat than any other natural disaster every year. As such, it is very important to exercise extreme caution if you have plans to travel or venture outside.

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Also, make sure to check your car’s air conditioning system before you head out. With the extreme heat these days, it is definitely wise to visit your trusted auto repair shop and have your A/C unit checked out or fixed.

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